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J-Indie Picks 1.13.15

So late, and I apologize. These weird hours are throwing me off. I’ll be good one week and it’s back to being late. UUUGH! I just want normalcy, is that too much to ask?


So, with me being a whiny baby out of the way, let’s get going to 2015’s first J-Indie Picks!

MY FIRST STORY released “CHiLD-error-” for their 3rd full length album, “虚言NEUROSE” back in October. Freddy Krueger rocks out in an old church.

The guitar is amazing, and the melody is okay.




What really drew me to this band was their name. Czecho No Republic. This music video is for the song, “For You,” their major second single which will be released on February 4th.

Oh my God, it’s so cute. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, which is rapidly approaching.




Last but not least is LOKA, with their music video for “Breathe Me Out The Shadow,” which is from their most recent album, “QUATTRO,” which was released on September 3rd, 2014.

Complete with English subtitles




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