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Friday Flicks: Potato Symphony

The only reason I even bothered with this film is because I love Yu Oh Seong. He’s the only reason I would even think about watching a gangster film anyway.

potato symphony

Title: Potato Symphony

Year: 2009

Country of Origin: South Korea

Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: Baek I was considered the best fighter in his high school, along with his friends Hyuk and Jul Byuk. The trio would constantly clash with Jin Han and the members of his gang, who called themselves “The Picks.” Twenty years later, Baek I and his friends, who are all nearing 40, meet up for drinks. They talk about the news that Jin Han has donated a scholarship to their old high school although he was expelled and never graduated. But when the members of The Picks attack Hyuk and Jul Byuk again, will a new era of conflict arise for the aging gang?

Watch it on Viki!

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