Sexy Hello Venus

So Hello Venus, one of my favorite newer girl groups recently made a comeback with “Wiggle Wiggle.”

While we WILL focus on that, let’s just take a look at their first encounter with Brave Sound, their ‘sexy precursor,’ if you will, “Sticky Sticky.” This focuses on the girls in what seems to be a candy shop in denim shorts on set and in the second set, a box in sexy black and white outfits with jello molds.

While this sort of ‘sexy’ is more subtle, it’s still sexy and my complaint with Brave Sound is usually it’s too sexy. But this was done right.

Also, the ending is hilarious.

Like the song? It’s the title track to last year’s mini album, “Sticky Sticky,” available on iTunes!

Now onto their latest comeback, “Wiggle Wiggle.” With a title like that, I’m surprised that other people were surprised at how sexy it is. What the hell did you expect from a song titled “Wiggle Wiggle” produced by Brave Sound? Yeesh!

It features twerking, which I believe should have died and stayed in 2014, but Hello Venus don’t go overboard, and their outfits are sexy and appropriate. I like how it’s a club setting. I really do.

The song is catchy, and I like the rap. My only qualm would be that they didn’t use their lower register for this song, which would have made it sound a little better.

Take a look at the practice video for “Wiggle Wiggle,” which gives you a better look at the choreography than the music video.

Like the song? Buy the single on iTunes!

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Source: Fantagio Music YouTube

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