Outsider Vs Twista: Star Warz

I didn’t even know Outsider was making a comeback. Hell, these days I don’t know my right shoe from my left, but THIS I do know: this rap battle is AIR.

Though it seems like more of a collaboration, and Twista is featuring on the track. Cuz Outsider killed that shit. I swear, “Star Warz” is ma new jam.

The song also features 2TAK, who are in ASSACOMZ, along with Outsider.

The company said that the song is to showcase Korea and the World’s fastest rappers, to see who’s fastest. Now if that’s the case, then sorry.

I’ve heard them both rap faster than this on other tracks. Not that this track ain’t dope cuz it is, I’m just saying: I’ve heard them both rap faster elsewhere.

Watch the music video here:

as of right now, there’s nothing on iTunes, which leaves me rather disappointed. THIS WAS MEANT TO BE ON MY IPOD!




Source: ASSACOMZ YouTube

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