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Kim Jonghyun’s Solo Debut Is My Guilty Pleasure

Well, I would just like to say that the music video teaser wrote a check that SM just didn’t cash. THIS IS NOT JONGHYUN‘s FAULT.

Unlike Taemin, there was no marvelous dancing. no catchy hook. Jonghyun has been my bias since infinity, and I like Taemin’s solo debut better. Tell me how THAT happened.

He ended up standing shirtless, throwing colored dust around, and sitting in a chair. No dancing. Not even a whiff of a plot, really. I saw a girl maybe once.

Watch the music video here:

I get that dancing isn’t his strongest suit, but they could have done with some acting. I would have liked a plot. But it seems SM blew their budget on that CG spider, so whatevs.

Now for the album medley:

1. Deja-Boo – This song features Zion.T, who I like and I like the sound a lot. It’s pretty chill and I like how they sound together.

2. Hallelujah – Sounds like a baby making track. Which seems to be perfect for Jonghyun’s voice.

3. Neon – Is jazzy and awesome. My favorite song, so far.

4. Beautiful Tonight – You don’t hear much besides whistling, so I’ll have to wait for the album to make further judgements.

5. Love Belt– This song features Younha, which is beautiful and light. This too, is a great example of how his voice meshes well with other artists.

6. MONO-Drama – This song compliments the stronger elements to Jonghyun’s voice, and is my second favorite song on the album.

7. Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) – This song features Ion, of whom I’ve never heard of before. While his rapping is okay, I think there is too much of it for a title single, which was used for his debut music video. I shan’t mention it again, but the song is okay.

It doesn’t fit with the rest of the album though. To be honest, this song sounds like it was thrown in as an afterthought.

The album isn’t out yet for me to drool over, but while we wait, what’s your favorite track so far? Let me know in the comments below!




Source: SMTOWN 1, 2

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