K-Indie Picks 1.6.15

The first indie picks of the new year! And of course, why break tradition by releasing this on time? *laughs nervously*

Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, it’s hip hop this week, hooray! Let’s get started!

First up is Junweather with his latest single, “The One.” This is from his mixtape, “Even If.” I just think it’s hella dope and y’all need to check it out.

Like the song? Download it here!







Next up is Molly D. I thought I would be able to add another female MC to my list, but it’s a dude. Yep. Not confusing at all. While the video is basic rap stuff, throwing their hands about while rapping in the dark, etc, they sound good. This is his single, “Bullshit,” featuring Def.y.

This is from his latest mixtape.

Like the song? Download it here!

Like Molly D?





And last but not least, OUTSIDER VS TWISTA IN ‘STAR WARZ‘ OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS. This deserves it’s own post so that I may squee. And I shall. I wanted Outsider vs Tymee, BUT I CAN DEAL WITH THIS. I AM SO DOWN FOR THIS.

Like this song? Too fucking bad. It’s not on iTunes. So like me, you’ll just have to SUFFER! /drowns in feelz/


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