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Meet 4TE

I got an email a few days ago, and it asked me to check out this new girl group, 4TE (pronounced like the musical term, ‘forte‘) They debuted on January 4th, releasing their debut single, “M O R E/Ippo Zutsu.”


4TE (forte / for-tay) is an all female Japanese pop inspired music group, orchestrated on the internet. Consisting of four members based in the southwest of the USA, they strive to create, distribute and perform Japanese pop music. Its two managers are located in Canada and seek to spread 4TE and its music at an international level.

The group came together in November 2013 after meeting each other through another project. After working together, the four members (Chii, Jenny, Micchi, and Mei) along with their two managers (Berry Risa and Jalyna (Jeena) Wojnowski) and main producer (PromWolf), decided to move forward with their music in a new group now known as 4TE.

The group functions with an abundance of communication between its members, managers, producers and designer. Everything is done primarily on the internet, and thus extra conversation is often required. Through means such as Skype, all the members work in conjunction with one another to come up with everything from the concepts and music to image and videos. 4TE is a pioneer collaborative effort with the aim to inspire others through their songs.


Though living in different locations with different backgrounds, the members of 4TE are bonded by their drive to succeed in creating and sharing their music and inspiration with the world.’

Interested? So was I! Check out their music video for their debut single, “M O R E” here:

Sound wise, they rather remind me of Perfume, which I adore so kudos for me and for 4TE. Their song, “Ippo Zutsu” reminds me a lot of Hatsune Miku, who I also love.

Check out their Profile, and Like and Follow the girls! Like the songs? Buy them on their Bandcamp!

Don’t forget to follow their group SNS too:


Twitter (J)

Twitter (E)




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