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J-Pop Girl Groups – 2014

It just occurred to me, I’ve been active in listening to J-Pop, and have even witnessed several debuts, and I should list them, because I love them, and you should give them a shot too.

#1 Color Code 

These girls are from Nippon Columbia, and their debut was a collaboration with famous designer, Nicola Formicetti. These girls are the winners of the 2014 ‘POP ICON PROJECT TOKYO.’

By hair color, the ladies are: Nanami (orange), Marisa (blue) and Mako (black) They released their debut mini album, “I LIKE DAT” in September. Verbal of M-Flo worked on the title track, and other songs were collaborative efforts, with tofubeats and DJ NUCKY.

#2 X-21

X-21 debuted in February, and to be honest, the debut pv was rather ‘blah,’ but the song is so cute and catchy, I couldn’t resist following them on SNS. They’re now in my top J-Pop girl groups.

#3 Chubbiness

The first ‘marshmallow’ girl group in Japan, where it is MEANT to have heavier set girls by Japanese standards. They debuted back in August with their song, “Manma Dear.” They also have a restaurant, “Chubby’s,” which apparently you can meet every member, because they work there and welcome you every day.

In the video, they have English subtitles (yay!) where they explain the title of the song means ‘Let it be’ or ‘love yourself just the way you are.’

*Note: This is a newer upload with English subs. View the original here.

I think otherwise, I pretty much stayed with my standard groups, ie, Super Girls, Primmzy, C-ute, Juice=Juice, and E-Girls.

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