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My Top 15 Music Videos For 2014

On this first day of the new year, let’s look back at some of the best music that Asia had to offer the pop world. And since 100 is a lot, even for me, I’ve dwindled this year’s list down to 15.

#15 GEM – “Do You Believe

They debuted at the end of 2013, and I was psyched to find out that they were making a comeback. This video is where I chose my bias, Maya. Look at her. Fucking dork. UGH she ruins me.

#14 Super Junior – “Mamacita

Their first comeback in Korea since Leetuk left for the military in 2012. Everyone and their mama was excited about this comeback. Especially me.

#13 Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips

This was the song from his second album, “Rise” that took K-Pop by storm. YG artists were covering it, little know groups were covering it, other boy bands were covering this song. This seemed to be THE song of 2014 for K-Pop. I loved it, but it’s not my #1

#12 Jung In & GaryBicycle

I wish that she had released a full album this year, but her singles and collaborations were nice little surprises throughout the year. Especially this one. I’m not too familiar with Gary, but I know he’s a member of LeeSang and he’s collaborated with her before. I like him. He’s a wonderful addition to the song.

#11 VIXX – “Eternity

It was either this or “Error,” but the KCON feels overcame me and it knocked “Error” off the list. I shall never forget Ravi‘s cotton candy hair or N‘s sassy head swivel.

#10 E-Girls – “RYDEEN

I don’t listen to E-Girls too often, but I ADORE this song. This is what made me love E-Girls. It’s just so awesome and not cutesy. Cute is good every so often. But THIS, I love this.

#9 Juice=Juice – “Black Butterfly

And this is how I chose my Juice=Juice bias, Karin. Her weird little head bob in the dance. This is also one of my favorite Juice=Juice songs like, ever.

#8 Khalil Fong – “Dangerous World

It took him FOREVER to come back and the teasers were torture, but this comeback was SOOO worth waiting for. He has an amazing voice and released a bajillion (more like seven) music videos.

#7 GAIA – “Love Potion

GAIA is a great girl group that have worked with K-Pop artist Jay Park and producer Cha Cha Malone, and member Joy was a former member of RaNia. While this is what got the world hyped, I just love their sound and hope they keep going at it.

#6 Candy Mafia – “My Boy

My favorite Thai girl group, they made me so happy when I found out they were making a comeback. Even though I’m not a huge ballad person, this is one of my favorite songs.

#5 SHINee “Everybody

Of COURSE SHINee are near the top of my list. How could they not be? This mini album rocked my socks, and “Everybody” is still a favorite, as well as “Colorful” and “Symptoms.”

#4 Namie Amuro – “Brighter Day

She released a ballad album with a few new songs, but not much else until recently when she released “Brighter Day.” Needless to say, I love the song.

#3 LEGENDLeft Out

Of COURSE they made it onto the list. Their vocals are phenomenal and they captured my heart from the get-go. I’m looking forward to great things from this group.

#2 SNSD – “Mr.Mr.”

Is one of the best songs like ever. This year. The dancing, the song, the beat, I LOVE it. I didn’t like the transitions, but I watched them perform this live at KCON, and oh my God. They are so great and Hyoyeon is SOOO beautiful.

Well well well, it seems we’ve come to the top spot. Whoever shall it be???? *drumroll……..*

#1 Akdong Musician – “200%

It’s cute, sweet, and from perhaps one of my favorite albums this year. I had been looking forward to their debut since their days in “K-Pop Star 2” (like I need to say that a bajillion times more), and love their latest single, “Fallen Leaves.”

Who was your jam of 2014? Comment below!

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