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K-Pop Rookies 2014 – Girls

We’ve seen my favorite male rookies, and now to move on to the ladies!


A silly name with a serious attitude, these ladies just recently debuted with “1,2,3” and immediately stole my heart. I love their dancing and their vocals are good and can be further improved with time, given the chance. I already think they’re awesome, so check them out.

Red Velvet

Though I know they’ve gotten a lot of flack, coming from SM and all, and whatnot with the misunderstanding of props used in their debut music video for “Happiness,” I’m really looking forward to their second comeback in 2015.


These ladies made a powerful entrance with “Mr. Ambiguos,” and another hit with “Piano Man,” MAMAOO are on a roll with their powerful voices, and being dubbed, ‘baby SPICA‘ isn’t half bad for not being out even an entire year.


Are a less known group from a small company, but they have potential, and DESERVE to be listened to. Great vocals, and let’s hope for more from them in 2015! Take a listen to their debut song, “Up and Down.”


LABOUM are a group that have done the aegyo concept, but they rock it rather well in “Pit a Pat,” and I’m hoping for more from them this coming year.

Lee Michelle

She was rumored to be a member of SuPearls back in 2012, but is flying solo in DIMA Entertainment. One of the very few Blasian entertainers in Korea, she’s doing rather well, featuring on several drama OST’s.

Last but not least…


Blew me away with their debut, “Domino Game,” and are now on hiatus, and are rumored to have disbanded. Which is sad, because their vocals are amazing.

Who’s YOUR favorite girl group of 2014? Comment below!

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