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Sonamoo: Hit or Miss?

Ehhh….pretty much a miss for me. Here’s the thing: it’s a badass concept. I like those. What I don’t like are girls sounding like they belong in an aegyo group doing it. I think my one exception was Pungdeng-E, and I didn’t even like it when THEY did aegyo, okay?

Here’s the thing, I finally understand the wish-washing of going between concepts, the companies are trying to find the groups’ niche, but here’s the thing, why does it have to be so…the same?

It’s either aegyo–>badass or


Can we get out of the vicious cycle and do something funky for once? Bring the funk, the jazz, give me a heart-wrenching ballad, but for the love of GOD, stop the aegyo/badass thing.

Back to the actual attraction of this article, Sonamoo of TS Entertainment has finally debuted with “Deja Vu,” (which is also the name of the mini album) and I am thoroughly disappointed. I expected a badass girl group from all the hype. My friend Leigh says this song is for the vocal line, which I didn’t like.

The rapping was sub-par, save for the blonde, but that wasn’t even a saving grace. I DID however, like their costumes and they’re dancing is AMAZING. There was no plot, but I think with debuts, that’s a good thing not to get TOO over the top.

Here is why I was disappointed: I was reading everywhere, everywhere, that this was the ‘female B.A.P,” so my assumption was, that they were totally badass and I was going to be blown away like I was with B.A.P, and then they could join the ranks of 2NE1, EXID and EvoL in my heart in the Badass Girl Group Club.

But I was sadly disappointed. As far as the rest of the album goes, it’s okay. Not overwhelmingly brilliant, but okay. A lot of peppy love songs for a badass girl group…just as I thought. I like “Love Call” the best, and as far as the other peppy songs go, “Everlasting Love.”

Watch the music video here:

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Like Sonamoo?


I’m too lazy to put all their Twitters because there isn’t a group one, so here.




Source: TS Entertainment YouTube

One thought on “Sonamoo: Hit or Miss?

  1. It’s a female BAP in the sense that it seems like some executive was like, “Hey, BAP made us a lot of money. Let’s do the same thing again, but this time with girls.” The structure of the song was similar, and vocals and rap fell into similar patterns. I thought the song was ok, but I wasn’t blown away by it. It was nice to see girls in shoes that allowed for actual dance moves though 🙂


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