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Friday Flicks: Switch Girl (Seasons 1 & 2)

I haven’t actually watched these, but they’re in my queue. I thought the concept was interesting, so once I finish catching up on “Birth of a Beauty,” I’ll be able to give it a better look.

switch girl

The manga was written by Aida Natsumi in 2007. It was adapted into a live action drama in 2011 with a first season, and a second season the following year in 2012.

Year: 2011, 2012

Country of Origin: Japan

Synopsis: (1) Tamiya Nika (Nishiuchi Mariya) lights up the halls of her high school as a glamorous bombshell, but she’s got something to hide, and it sure isn’t a beauty tip! After being worshipped by her classmates during the school day, Nika goes back home to her secret life and “switches off” into a hot mess: tacky jumpsuits, glasses, crass habits, sans makeup—you name it. So, what’s Nika to do when Arata (Kiriyama Renn), a hot transfer student, shakes up her love life? They say the one you love accepts everything about you, but can Arata handle a total slob like Nika?

(2) Tamiya Nika is a teen goddess by day and a horrendous slob by night—and despite her strange double life, she’s managed to charm her good-looking classmate Arata into adoring the whole, crazy package. Series 2 picks up right where things left off: Niki and Arata make a gorgeous duo and rule the school as the ultimate power couple, but now they’re both hiding Nika’s slovenly secret. How long can they keep up the act? Meanwhile, drama brews in the school as Nika and Arata’s friends begin surfacing with their own secrets and problems.

Watch Season 1 and Season 2 on DramaFever!

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