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K-Indie Picks 12.16.14

So late, so late, so very, very late! Well, no later than usual, I suppose. Anywho, let’s get started shall we?

This is “당신이 그대가,” composed and performed by Jaemok Hong of Fanny Fink. This is the first single for the album, Fragments d’un Discours Amoureux,” a book written in 2008 by Roland Barthes. The compilation album is performed by none other than various Pastel Music artists.

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Oh, Lucia, my heart in Pastel. This is her latest single, “녹여줘,” which was released last month. UGH, her voice is so beautiful, I wanna punch myself in the face.

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Last but not least is this gem, Reflex, a band that I found. I wasn’t looking for them specifically, but I’m glad I found them. This is “My All,” the title single to their latest mini album, which was released on December 11th.

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