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Come Here, Masta Wu Will Show You How It’s Done

Masta Wu has made a comeback after FOR-EV-URRR, and I love it. Despite Dok2. If you’ve been on my website before, you know I’m not the biggest fan of him. However, I loved Bobby on here.

Was Dok2 throwing money cheap? Yes…/sorrynotsorry/ Did I expect it? Yes. It’s Masta Wu and Dok2. Dok2, it’s expected. Masta Wu is from New York, and though I don’t watch a ton of his music videos from back in the day (I’ve seen maybe one or two of his solo mvs), I’m not huge into him like I am Perry, Jinusean or 1TYM, it’s undeniable that he’s a great artist. 

Even with the grilles, bats, face mask (why, Masta Wu, why??), throwing money, women in bras walking around (it’s whatever, my little eyes have been scarred by worse…much worse), it’s a nice return to YG‘s hip hop roots. I actually really love the song.

So why don’t you “Come Here” and watch the music video:

The single isn’t out yet T^T /cries a river of bitter tears/

Like Masta Wu?



Web Page




Source: YG Entertainment YouTube

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