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Worldwide Wednesday: Shakira

I’ve always loved Shakira, but what I really love are the Spanish versions of the songs of hers that I grew up with. Especially since I know Spanish, I can appreciate the messages of her and other Latin artists’ songs a lot more.

Just like with K-Pop, not all the songs translate perfectly, the songs in her original language, for the most part, are different from their English counterparts.

I’m going to be displaying her songs in Spanish, in the following order: “La La La,” “Suerte (Whenever, Wherever; literal meaning: Luck),” “Loca (Crazy),” “La Tortura (The Torture),” “Loba (She Wolf),” y “Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Objection; literal meaning: I’m Warning You, I’m Anouncing to You).

The main reason I posted the Spanish versions is well…I like them better than the English versions. There. I said it. Sometimes listening to English versions is weird.

Watch the music videos here (Mira las videos de música aquí):







Like Shakira? Find her stuff on iTunes!

Busca por la música de Shakira en iTunes! (link esta encima de aquí)

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