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SKE48’s ‘ 消せない炎’ and ’12月のカンガルー’ For 16th Single

I’m not into the ___48 family of idol groups, mostly because their sound is usually very generic and there are so many members I can’t memorize them all, but SKE48 has captured my heart for some God forsaken reason, especially with their 16th single tracks, “ 消せない炎,” which belongs to Team S, and Mai is my bias.

/someone help me/
/I’ve fallen into the SKE48 pit and can’t climb out/

Watch the music video here:

The single also includes “12月のカンガルー,” which also has a music video:

There is a third track, “I love AICHI,” and each track has a corresponding instrumental. The single will be released on the 10th of December.

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Source: SKE48 YouTube

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