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Throwback Thursday: Kuraki

Kuraki is the 38th best selling Japanese artist of all time. Just surfing through the internet and found her, and fell for her voice instantly. She also holds the record for being the only female artist to have all of her singles consecutively debut in the Top 10 since her debut,which is pretty impressive.

She has 10 studio albums and two compilations spanning from her debut in 1999 with “Love, Day After Tomorrow” to her latest album, “Over The Rainbow,” which was released in 2012.

Here are the music videos for “Love, Day After Tomorrow,” “Try Again,” “無敵なハート,” “Always,” “Your Best Friend,” “わたしの、しらない、わたし。,” “明日へ架ける橋,” and “Revive.” Those are my favorites…yep.

Watch the music videos here:









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