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Pritz: A BABYMETAL Knock Off?

So, since yesterday I’ve been seeing a lot about Pritz. a rock themed girl group…except this one aegyo video I found that it metal-less.

If they ARE trying to copy BABYMETAL, at least BABYMETAL are still metal while being cute. And if it’s true that they’re trying to be the ‘Korean BABYMETAL,’ then the only song that can hold a candle to ANY of my favorite BABYMETAL songs is their latest, “SoraSora.”

Otherwise, they…are not that great. Their debut single was a good try, but everything else sank. “SoraSora” is their best, and only song that I like. They’re not my cup of tea, but YOU might like them.

Let’s just do a small comparison, seeing as how this is how I was introduced to them.

Watch BABYMETAL “Gimme Chocolate

Watch Pritz’s “SoraSora”


If you like Pritz, I won’t judge you. And I’ll also give you their SNS:





Daum Cafe






Source: Pritz YouTube

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