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Random Music Monday: Lush

Because we need soulful groups like this. They debuted in July of 2013 under Oscar Entertainment, and I haven’t heard anything from them this year, but when I was looking around iTunes and found Women Power, I also found these lovely ladies, called Lush.

They have two singles and a couple of OST’s from that year, and that’s it. There used to be two music videos, but apparently now there is only one.

Watch the music video for “Yesterday,” and the live performance for “Miserable.”

Watch the videos here:



HOLY SHIT WAIT UP, They have a cover of Taeyang‘s “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” Check it out:


Okay, so a TON of digging later, I found their official company’s Facebook and YouTube, so check out their covers because they have A LOT. I’m hoping for a comeback sometime soon.

Oscar Ent Facebook

Oscar Ent Twitter

Oscar Ent Google+

Oscar Ent YouTube

Oscar Ent Website

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