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Worldwide Wednesday: SIA

I FOUND IT! I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SONG FOR DAYS! I thought it was a different one, but I found it. My guy likes this song too, and he wanted to know what the title, “Chandelier” meant.

I have never heard this song other than on the radio, and not very often. So to be quite honest, I thought she was saying something in French.

…don’t judge me. >_>

I found the video creepy, for nothing other than Maddie from “Dance Moms” creepy ass facial expressions. Fucking lookin like the kid from “The Grudge,” coming down from the ceiling and shit (top of the doorframe, whatever).

The song is amazing and I love it.

This is SIA‘s first comeback since 2008, her full album “1000 Forms of Fear.”

Watch the music video here:


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