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Random Happiness: Nightwish

It’s been a while since I did a Random Happiness segment. Nightwish are lyfe, as you can clearly see. This is my favorite symphonic metal band. AND THEY’RE COMING TO MY STATE THIS APRIL FOR A CONCERT, I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO THIS YEAR, OMG!

Seriously, I was invited to come back to LA, there’s THIS CONCERT, my high school friend’s wedding, then KCON again. This coming year is going to be busy for me.

Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, they’ve released several videos of their upcoming album at the cabin, and I totally spaced out on them with my personal issues and keeping up with Asian pop and such. So it’s time to focus on them once again.


Episode #3: “Inside His Head

Episode #4: “The Beginning of the Summer Camp

Episode #5: “More Campers

Episode #6: “New Hometown

Episode #7: “Almost There!


Like Nightwish?





This is the most current episode. I can’t wait for Episode #8! The title of the album won’t be announced probably until sometime in December, and the album is set for spring instead of summer, which is fantastic.

You know what it makes it in time for?

My birthday.

/hint hint family and friends/




Source: Nuclear Blast YouTube

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