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Boy Music Videos I Meant To Watch But Didn’t

First up is Super Junior‘s Zhoumi, who has a solo album, “Rewind.” The title track, depending on the language, will feature Chanyeol or Tao, both of EXO.



…What…is…this…PERFECTION THAT IS ZHOUMI????? Pretty sure my heart just stopped. And my ovaries exploded. Though that weird cha-cha move they had him do at the end…that was weird SM. Stahp it.


Next up is JTune‘s latest boy band, MADTOWN and their debut single, “YOLO.”

An average sound with a below average image, seeing as how every other boy band this year decided to be badass. Their rapping is subpar, while their vocals are average. They might have fared better had they come out with a ballad.


Boys in Groove (B.I.G) are another group I’ve meant to (and might have but forgotten) to check out, and they recently released “Are You Ready.”

It starts off with ‘badass’ rapping, but then turns into a sunshine-happy song, and then goes back to rap and dub-step. It confuses me so.


Hot Shot‘s “Take A Shot” is another badass concept, and while the music video is low budget, their talent is not. They are from K.O Sound, and I highly suggest you check them out.


Last but not least is “War of Hormone” from the newest loves of my lives, BTS.

What I love about this is that they’re not trying to be badass. They’re just a bunch of smiling, rapping dorks.


Who are your favorites? Who did I miss? Comment below!

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