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Lovelyz Release Pre-Debut MV

Infinite has a sister group! Lovelyz is the first girl group under Woolim Entertainment. Their first showcase will be on the 12th and their debut album “Girls’ Invasion” will be released on November 17th.

You know what else is on the 17th? My 2 year blog anniversary~

But enough about me, Lovelyz debut or ‘pre-debut’ single, “Goodnight Like Yesterday”  was released earlier today, so check it out!

Watch the music video here:


Well…it’s…lovely but not really what I expected or wanted. The girls voices are nice. BUT, for this particular song, I feel that a group with a stronger vocal ability would have pulled it off better. There wasn’t as much emotion in the music video and the climax of the song was less than eventful.

I hope their debut song is a bit better and they express more emotion.

Like Lovelyz?









Source: Woolim YouTube

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