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BTS Drop Japanese Version of ‘Danger’

You know what’s in danger? My heart. From exploding in FEELZ.

Danger” is by far my favorite BTS song. EVUR. And even though normally I would pass on a Japanese version of a song I already love, I HAD to know what it sounded like.

Silver. Because the Korean version is gold. I will [almost] always prefer Korean versions, but this version is good too. The phrasing is off too much, which in some songs really bother me. But not this one.

I would like to point one way that the Japanese version is BETTER than the Korean version, and that’s the fact that this music video had a plot. They go do an underground club and have a dance/rap battle.

Korea: song

Japan: video

BTS: win=win

Watch the music video here:


This is BTS’s 3rd Japanese single, and it will be released on November 19th!

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Source: BTS Japan YouTube

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