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Namie Amuro Showers Us With Her Brilliance In Comeback MV + Teaser

Namie Amuro is boss, and as boss as she is, she released the teaser for “Sweet Kisses” and a short music video for “Brighter Day” just yesterday.

The music video for “Brighter Day” features Namie against a sleek white car dressed in black, and beautiful, as always. She is also in white in an all white room, leaving a trail of gold as she waves her hand.

In the teaser for “Sweet Kisses,” we get to hear a clip of her fun new song as the title lights up and swirls around.


The single, “Brighter Day” features three songs, “Brighter Day,” “Sweet Kisses” and “Still Loving You,” along with their corresponding instrumentals. The single will be released on the 12th of November!

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Source: AmuroNamiech YouTube (1), (2)

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