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K-Indie Picks 11.4.14

Late. So terrible. And I was on a roll too. But I woke up late, and…yeah doing that throws off my whole schedule.

First up is WYM with “Trying.”

It has a heavy electronic beat while the singer has a light hypnotic voice. This is from his album, “After Moon,” which was released on October 30th, I highly recommend that you check him out. His real name is Bjorn.


Buy the album on iTunes!







Next up is alt rock band Dalma and their single, “Life Is A Flowering Plant.” The music video shows you various shots and city scapes of Korea as the smooth ballad plays as the soundtrack.






Lastly, “Love Ramen,” by Kim Ka Kyeong, which is a cute song with a cute music video featuring…a cute girl making ramen for herself and her boyfriend. It’s adorable!



*Could not locate SNS


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