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Throwback Thursday: LUV

This group is what inspired me to do the TT, to be honest. Though I’ve never covered them (as far as I’ve searched my blog, anyway) they will always have a place in my heart.

LUV debuted in 2002 with three members, Eunbyul, Hatnim and Bin. They were featured as the female vocals in JtL‘s “A Better Day,” and soon after debuted with “Orange Girl” from their debut album, “Story,” which was released in May of that year. It was a very popular song and was performed numerous times on shows.

The next single to be released was “I Still Believe In You,” which was shortly accompanied by a music video of the girls having a photo shoot. In August of 2002, “Tears,” another song from their debut album was promoted, and performed during a military concert where S.E.S and Fin.K.L also performed.

The group was said to have amazing potential and was compared to S.E.S, one of the biggest girl groups at the time.

Even with growing popularity and a huge fan base, the group disbanded a year after formation. The girls each wanted to pursue solo projects. Bin released a solo album and also pursued an acting career. Hatnim began pursuing an acting career, and Eunbyul has been a stage actress in musicals in the Daehagno district since the group’s disbandment. In 2009, however, Eunbyul, aka LeeBie released her debut mini album, “This Day” in October.

The next month, LUV reunited for a showcase, but a full on reunion isn’t in the works as of right now.

As for the ladies today, Hatnim and Bin are still actresses. Bin recently starred in “Drama Special: Taste of Curry,” which aired in January, 2014, and Hatnim starred in “Jang Bo-ri Is Here,” which aired in April of 2014. Eunbyul is still a musical actress, but goes by Evie Cho.

“Orange Girl”

About half the video features their second single, “I Still Believe in You”


“I Still Believe In You”


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