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Friday Flicks: Birth of A Beauty

I know there are two episodes out on Viki right now, but I’m waiting for Dramafever because I find that their subs are better quality. Also, I have a subscription to Dramafever, so I don’t have to deal with commercials every five minutes…yeah.

Point is, there’s a drama that is similar to “200 Pounds Beauty” coming out, and I’m stoked as hell for it. I actually heard about this in October, but then forgot the title so I asked my friends in this one group but none of us could think of it, but then my friend Leigh found it and I’m a happy duck.


Everyone else has it right now, Soompi, Viki, Dramafire, etc. So I might check it out earlier than I thought. Soompi maybe. I’ve never tried their service before. I have a t-shirt from KCON from when they were kdrama.com.

Anywho, I’m super excited for this drama! /shakes in antici………pation.

Watch the teasers here:



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