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Đông Nhi’s ‘Bad Boy’

Đông Nhi is a Vietnamese singer, and has been active since 2008. She’s also an actress. She released “Bad Boy” on October 26th.

Rather than talk about her amazing dancing, fabulous costumes or anything like that, Viet K-Pop fans have been accusing her of plagiarizing T-ara‘s “Sugar Free” and “Sexy Love.”

No offense, but there’s no way she plagiarized T-ara’s crap. It sounds and looks NOTHING like those songs, so please sit your asses down. This is an amazing music video and song, and we should all appreciate it.

Yes, it looks like a K-Pop video. V-Pop is improving. When I got into V-Pop in 2012, it wasn’t the flashiest stuff out there. Now they are improving in quality from their videos to their music. I would also like to point out that Korea borrows from America and other parts of the world all the time. So everyone take a chill pill, and relax. 

That’s a good thing, mind you.

This song, dance and everything is amazing, and you should check it out.

Watch the music video here:


Download the song here!

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Source: Dong Nhi YouTube


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