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Berryz Kobo Release Two Music Videos For Upcoming Single

I heard Berryz Kobo is disbanding, but for now, let us focus on their new songs! They have recently released two music videos, “Speaking of Romance” and “Song of Eternity.” I’m rather disappointed, because I JUST recently got into the band, and a month or two ago I heard they were disbanding.

And now my mind chooses a bias. Not cool brain, not cool. It’s Risako.

“Speaking of Romance”

A sweet 60’s style doo-wop song of romance…that sounds suspiciously…Christmas-y…oh well, it’s November. Anywho, their choreography is cute, and their dresses are adorable.

“Song of Eternity,”

This song is a farewell song to fans, which goes back and forth between them performing onstage as children and now. It’s really upbeat and peppy, what a way to go.


The single will be released on the 12th of November!

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Source: Berryz YouTube (1), (2)

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