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Get ‘Lost’ In The Legend’s Comeback

LEGEND (aka The Legend) are back with their music video for “Lost.” It was released on October 29th, and the mini album, “Out of My Mind” (iTunes title) was released the next day.

I have been looking forward to a comeback from these boys since EVER, okay? So it was a surprise to me when I didn’t take to their title track, “Lost.” It has this rock feel, but with pop vocals. It somewhat reminds me of Jaejoong‘s “Mine” in an audible sense, but obviously, the concepts and meanings are totally different.

I didn’t even find the title song to be my favorite. In fact, “나와 같다면 (If Like Me)” is my favorite song, followed by “I Wanna Know.” The only other track on the album is an instrumental of “Lost.”

Even though the song didn’t throw me out of my chair in excitement, the dancing was pretty on point. And I don’t know about you, but usually I don’t thrust my hips in sadness.

Watch the music video here:


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