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Super Junior Release ‘Evanesce’ MV

Super Junior have released, “Evanesce,” which is the only ballad I can really get into from the album. I’m not really a ballad person.

It’s a simply sad music video. The rooms of the previous music video are old and decrepit, covered in decay and broken. The boys walk around, sad and lonely.

Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely. Oh they’re so lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, eh~ eh~.

It’s one of my favorite songs from the album, and I’m glad it was one that received a music video.

Watch the music video here:


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The new repackage, “This Is Love” comes with a stage version of the title song, “…Ing,” “Don’t Leave Me,” and “Hit Me Up.” Out of the three new songs, “Hit Me Up” is the best. It’s upbeat and catchy while the other two are ballads. The boys sound nice, but…like I said earlier…I’m not really a ballad person.

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Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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