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UNIQ Make Me Laugh In ‘Born To Fight’

What the fuck? First they were smooth as hell, and now they pull out the hip hop…this is actually really awkward for me, even being a YG stan, this is weird.

The song made me laugh my ass off

1) Because I fucking LOVE the Ninja Turtles

2) This is a mashup of two of my favorite things, and I find it very awkward. I don’t know why

3) They are trying WAAAAAY to hard to be hip hop.

First of all, that ‘growl’ that a lot of K-Pop rappers have, its really annoying. Zico can pull it off. Bang Yong Guk can pull it off. Not many others. I love you UNIQ, but no. Leave the ‘growling’ to the professionals. I like your enthusiasm, but no. Personally, I prefer the style of their debut song.

“Born To Fight” is the theme song to the live action version of “TMNT” of the movie directed by Michael Bay that came out this year. I haven’t seen it…yet.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? The song is not yet available for download.

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Source: UNIQ YouTube

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