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B2ST Might Love You…Maybe

Perhaps….B2ST have released the new music video (short version, of course) for their Japanese single, “キミはどう?” Where Doojoon is shaving, even though his face is smoother than a baby’s butt, and they’re singing in the desert.

I thought that was just a YG thing, but I digress. Their dancing is flawless, there’s Gikwang water bottle porn, UGH. It’s perfect. I actually like this better than their Korean comeback. And I don’t listen to J-Pop from K-Pop artists unless they’re BoA or SHINee.

This isn’t BoA or SHINee. But this. Is. AWESOME!

Watch the music video here:


The single will be released on the 29th, and will have two singles, plus their instrumentals, “キミはどう?” and “Good Day.”

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Source: BEAST 비스트 (Official YouTube Channel)

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