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Worldwide Wednesday: Corbin Bleu (K-Pop Comparison #3)

In 2007 American singer/actor Corbin Bleu released his single, “Deal With It” for the album, “Another Side.” Two years later in 2009, Korean boy band from SM Entertainment SHINee used the melody with new lyrics penned by vocalist Kim Jonghyun for their single “Juliette” from their 2nd mini album, “Romeo.”

As long as I have been a K-Pop fan there have always been fanwars over this song. This is like the second or third most fought over remake SM has ever done, from what I’ve seen from netizens, anyway.

Watch Corbin’s “Deal With It” here (iTunes):


Watch SHINee’s “Juliette” here (iTunes):


SHINee is personally my favorite since:

1) I heard them first

2) SHINee rock my socks

3) Never really been a Corbin Bleu fan


Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

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