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Throwback Thursday: Lexy

Lexy was the first lady of YG and held her own against a squad of young boys and men, which included the likes of 1TYM, Perry, Masta Wu, Jinusean, 45RPM, Se7en, Wheesung, and smaller GDYB (G-Dragon and Taeyang).

She was pretty badass, but soon her career took a turn for a more pop sound, and it wasn’t exactly what she wanted. Eventually, around 2007, she left when her contract expired, and is now with Red Line Entertainment.

My favorite songs from Lexy are “Tears,” “Let Me Dance (feat. Teddy),” “Amateur (feat. PSY),” “Girls,” “Get That (feat. Perry),” But today we’ll just look at the videos that are up…which is everything but “Get That.” *curses at YG.

Watch the music videos here:





Sorry to say that you can’t purchase the majority of this online, but you can find it physically…if you’re lucky. However, you can buy her 4th album on iTunes!

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