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D.Holic’s ‘I Don’t Know’ MV

D.HOLIC is another new girl group that recently debuted with their title single, “I Don’t Know.” To be honest, this group is more shock value than anything. I saw comparisons to Rania‘s “Dr. FeelGood,” and if that’s all we get, then well…not much else to look at right?

Though they DO have the single, “D.Holic Dark With Dignity” on iTunes, and the B-Side single, “Without You” is a complete 180. And by that I don’t only mean it’s a ballad, but it’s JUST a ballad. There’s nothing special about it.

Sure, the song and video are sexy, but they lack that ‘UMPH!’ that make me want more, y’know?

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy the single on iTunes!

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Source: AsianDreamVOD

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