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Super Junior Release ‘This Is Love’ MV

EXO: What Is Love?

Super Junior: This Is Love!

lol saw that in the comment section. But it’s true! “This Is Love” is my favorite song off the album, and holy shizballs SM, you did it right! Super Junior are dressed to the 9’s and sing in various sets. The choreo is killer, and I expect nothing less from an SM group. The song is like, the embodiment of Super Junior’s perfection.

And did you see Heechul oppa? Hell yeah, I am SOOOO glad he got a long part. And Shindong directed the music video and choreographed the dance. Awesome, right?

Watch the music video here:


The repackage isn’t out yet, but you can buy the single from the group’s 7th album, “Mamacita” on iTunes!

Like Super Junior?








Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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