Personal Update: What’s Up With Me, and The Website of Course

Let’s start with happy news first. When I went to KCON I met several musicians in person, one that I particularly idolized has agreed to an interview. Another that I heard at KCON at immediately caught my attention also agreed to an interview. Another, who also caught my attention and collaborated with someone that I think you know (he worked with U-KISS) agreed to an interview as well.

I am still waiting. I am not saying this out of spite, but just updating you. I know I’ve promised you these interviews since mid-August, but all of these artists are busy performing and honoring their scheduled commitments. So I wait patiently, and ask only for your patience in return.

So that aside…let’s get to me. Now that I work second shift, I can give my readers and my website the love and attention it/y’all deserve. And I love that. I’m actually on time now. And I want it to stay that way.

Sadly, about a week ago my arms started going numb and falling asleep. I thought it was just because I was sleeping on them wrong, but Monday and Tuesday I didn’t go into work. The pain and feeling were too intense. So, I made a doctor appointment.

She said she’s not at liberty to say, so it wasn’t a clear-cut diagnosis, but because of my job and what I do, she believes I have carpel tunnel syndrome. This is caused when pressure is pressed upon a nerve that controls several tendons and a major nerve in your hand. It causes tingling, numbness, weakness, etc. All of which I have had the misfortune of experiencing.

Her recommendation is that I find another job. Because if I continue, it will only get worse.

My dilemma is:

1. My job pays very well

2. I like my job

3. No one outside of factories have ever hired me. Well, I washed dishes in a bar in high school, but that’s about it.

I have reservations because I know I can get my job back at a different factory, but I HATED it there. HATED it. And I wouldn’t see you during the day anymore. Also, my pay would go down substantially. I’d get off around 4, but still. I like this ‘us’ thing we have now. Me writing during the day and all. At night I’m too exhausted.

I know my health should come first. But it just seems so hard. I thought I had everything going great. And then my body crapped out. I know these things just happen, but I do feel depressed.

I have a great job. I have time for my subbies. I have time to live for the life I’m working for.

If my condition worsens or doesn’t get better I have to return to the doctor in a couple of weeks. I have a brace and am on a medicine regime, but I don’t know how well it will work.


On a better hand (no pun intended), I’ve been thinking about going back to school. I want to earn my Masters’ in English so I can get a teaching job in Korea or Japan. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, actually.

I’m looking ahead, even with the struggles I must face.

And on an even better hand, This past October 2oth (two days ago) was the 1 year anniversary of US Nasties! thanks to everyone, including my fellow admins for support! We couldn’t have done this without everyone!

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