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Passepied Release English Version of ‘Tow-Ryang-Say’

Hooray! I love Passepied, and they’ve released an English version to their single, “MAKUNOUCHI-ISM” which also has English versions of “MATATABISTEP,” “Tow Ryang Say,” “Tokyo City Underground,” “The Meditation,” and a remix of “MATATABISTEP.”

Today’s focus however is on one particular song, “Tow Ryang Say,” which has it’s own music video. Huzzah! The song is really catchy. I love the instrumental, adore it even. The instrumentals to their songs is one of the reasons I love this band so much, even if I don’t post about them often.

Watch the music video with English subs here:


Like the song? It can be purchased on iTunes(J)!

Like Passepied?







Source: WMJ YouTube

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