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Album Review: WINNER’s ‘S/S’

I said I’d do this sooooo long ago. And, here we are! YG‘s newest boy band WINNER released their debut album, “S/S” on August 12th, 2014. It came complete with 10 tracks, Including Mino‘s “I’m Him.”

Which is air.

Let’s get started.

1. Empty (공허해): This song is very mellow, and their vocals are astounding. No auto tune clouding up  the vocals, and Mino’s rapping is beautiful. Which is exactly what I said when I first heard the song, and it still rings true.

2. Color Ring (컬러링): still as perfect as I remember. I love the way the raps and melody was balanced throughout the song. WINNER have great harmony.

3. Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마): Ooh, upbeat. I like it. Reminds me of B.A.P…I love B.A.P. Win=Win.

4. I’m Him (걔 세)(Mino Solo): This song is lyfe. let’s move on.

5. Love Is A Lie (척): Another upbeat song. Yeeeeees. The chorus is amazingly catchy. I just love them so much. This happy uptempo stuff is right up their alley. One of my favorite songs.

6. Confession (고백하는거야) (Taehyun solo): Taehyun has the voice of an angel. Sadly, he was given a song as flat as a pancake. So much can be done with his voice, but I feel that this song did NOT fit it. Sorry. Least favorite. Very boring.

7. But (사랑하지마): It’s an okay ballad. Better than “Confession,” but still at the bottom for me. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a perfectly lovely song, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

8. Different: This. This is the ballad to beat for this album. The beat, the melody, the way their voices mesh on THIS song, is perfect. The raps, just, everything. Good. It’s good.

9. Tonight (이 밤): *chokes. That high note. IS THAT SAXOPHONE I HEAR? THIS SONG IS SEX, I AM DONE. THIS SONG=PERFECTION. GOODBYE, I’M DEAD NOW. UGHHHHHH. You, young man, are right behind “I’m Him” for favorite. Hell I think it just knocked Mino’s solo out of #1.

10. Smile Again: Yes. Another great song. It’s mid-tempo with plenty of rap to balance with the melody, and I’m really liking the beat. I really like this song. Yeah!

So, overall…I give this album a 7/10. A few of the ballads weren’t my cup of tea, but the rest were fantastic. “I’m Him,” “Different, ” “Tonight,” and “Smile Again” are my favorite songs from the album.

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