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Old School K-Pop Remakes: Tell Me

We know that some artists in other countries make remakes of really popular songs. And why not? What works well in one language might work even better in another. What blew MY mind was as of several minutes ago, me finding out there was a Chinese version to my favorite Jinusean song.

Yuki Hsu, a Taiwanese singer debuted in 1998, and stopped singing in 2007, and stopped acting in 2008. Repeated legal trouble is what stopped her career, and now she is working as a paralegal assistant.

BUT, when she WAS famous, she had hit after hit in her native Taiwan. The song I am talking about however, is from her 2000 album, “Love” and is titled “It Is Important (有關係).” Jinusean rap in English, apparently. Can’t understand them half the time.

Love them, but what the hell, guys?

I still love the Korean version best. “Tell Me,” featuring Korea’s Madonna, Uhm Jung Hwa. From the duo’s debut album, “Gasoline” in 1997.

Yuki (feat. Jinusean) (iTunes):


Jinusean (feat. Uhm Jung Hwa):


The fact that I can purchase the Chinese version and not the Korean version bothers me. What the fuck, iTunes? Ain’t got no love for old school. Such a shame, tsk tsk.

EDIT: (4/16/15) And now you can purchase the Korean version on iTunes!

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