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Seotaiji Goes Tim Burton in Cinematic Version of ‘Christmalo.win’

Ah, Seotaiji. The comeback that keeps on giving. This time, he has released the cinematic version of “Christmalo.win,” which SCREAMS Tim Burton‘s “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

There’s a Halloweentown, and a little girl and her mother, who is a witch, are sitting in their home. The woman is reading to a group of children, and show them magic. One day, the woman is gone, and her daughter goes searching for her, in Christmas Town.

(I don’t know if those are the town names, but that’s what I’m calling them) Also ~SPOILER ALERT~

The girl makes her way to Christmas Town, and finds her mother in the back of a liquor store, chained in what looks like a boiler room. She runs away and hitches a ride to the building where Santa Clause is. But Santa is being controlled by some evil guy who uses child labor to make the presents, and picks several, including our little heroin, let’s call her Kiki, to be sprayed in the face with something that forces her to smile.

But some little elf decides that she’s going to stop them from changing Kiki.

So when people are gathering around to see Santa, they bring out her mother, and they each recognize the other instantly. Before shit really goes down, her mother uses the last of her power to transport all the kidnapped Halloweentown children back home, before the evil guy burns her to death in front of an audience.

When the girl finds herself in her home, she also finds a key in her hand. There is a chest near the tv in her home, and she unlocks it. It’s her mother’s things from when she was a child. Kiki dons her mothers hat and broom, and marches with the other pissed off citizens of Halloweentown to take revenge.

This song + this video = perfect.

Watch the music video here:


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Source: Seotaiji YouTube

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