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Opinions on Relationships in K-Pop

Personally, I’d like it if people would stop treating idols finding love as if it were the worst thing to happen to their group ever. Like, if Sulli IS dating Choiza, who fucking cares? He ain’t your boyfriend she ain’t your wifey, get the fuck over it.

#1 Get the D, Sulli

sulli and choiza
if she wants to, that is. HER body, HER choice, NOT yours


On another note, Sungmin is getting married, congratulations! I hope they have a nice, long, healthy relationship. All y’all haters can suck on it. He doesn’t need to apologize or be sorry because he wants happiness. Neither does his future wife. Leave them alone. They don’t belong to you, they don’t owe you anything. Get over it and move on.

#2 Get That Booty Sungmin

Puttin a ring on it…get that booty Sungmin


G-Dragon and Kiko….bout goddamn time. After hearing rumors sometime last year and this year about them dating, I’m glad it’s out in the open. He’s getting old. Now if only we could get Shinhwa some ladies….


My #1 OTP


I suppose there are other dating scandals, but these were the ones I heard about. Idols are people too and everyone deserves love and happiness. If you don’t support your idol’s personal decisions, then I feel sorry for you. You can’t call yourself a fan if you drop them like a bad habit just because they want love…and oh look, it’s not you.

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