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Morning Musume’s Tribute To Sayumi Leaves Me A Sobbing Mess

Morning Musume’s 57th single, “TIKI BUN/シャバダバ ドゥ~/見返り美人” contains three songs. Two of which I hadn’t heard. I have already reviewed “Tiki Bun,” but today I watched the music video for “A Looking Back Beauty,” a tribute song to graduating member and group leader, Sayumi.

Who is also my bias

/curls up on the floor/

/sobs endless tears/

/roll and repeat/

In “見返り美人,” 9 of the girls are dancing in an empty foyer, while Sayumi walks the empty halls of the house, leaving a letter to each member, and slowly makes her way out. The girls are dressed in beautiful multi-colored dresses, while Sayumi is dressed in a traditional kimono.

The other song on the single is Sayumi’s solo song, “シャバダバ ドゥ~ (Shaba Daba Do).” It’s a really cute, sweet, and upbeat song. Now I’m conflicted.

This song is so cute

I am so sad

/creys with confusion/

Watch the music videos here:


“A Looking Back Beauty”


“Shaba Daba Do”


The single was released on the 15th of October.

Like the song? You can get it from Amazon(J)!

Like MM?










Source: MM YouTube

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