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12 K-Pop Songs That Give Me Lyfe

OH MY GOD! There are just songs that come on and I can’t even help but love everything about them! Some are new, some are old, but I love every single one of them! These songs are in no particular order. They make me happy and give me lyfe, no matter how many times I listen to them.

#12 KARA‘s “Mamamia” (iTunes)


I don’t see how this comeback is a fail. New member Young Ji is doing great. She’s my bias in KARA. I never had a KARA bias before, and I’ve been listening to them since 2011. This song is amazing and just an excellent comeback. I know people miss Nicole and Ji Young, but this is what they wanted and this is the KARA we have.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


#11 BIGBANGLollipop Part 2” (iTunes)


This was one of the ONLY BIGBANG songs on iTunes back in 2011. And ever since I found it, it’s always been a favorite.


#10 1TYM‘s “1TYM”


Never mind that this is my ultimate bias group when they were practically fetuses. This is their debut track, and it is just so…cheesey and weird and I love this group so much. /Feelz/ Also I can rap this song. This song is the main reason I have the 10th anniversary YG Family CD. Just sayin.


#9 SNSD‘s “Genie” (iTunes)


This actually used to be one of my least favorite GG songs. But after watching “Dream High” back in 2012, it was my favorite. It brought back the happy memories from watching the drama, and after watching our girls perform it at KCON, UGH! I lost my voice that night. When I got back from California I sounded terrible.

I really should put up my GG fancams. and other fancams from that night /sorry/


#8 SS501‘s “Love Like This” (iTunes)


“Back in 2011…” there was like NO K-Pop, and the J-Pop had been taken down before I could purchase it. So I purchased many of my CDs from overseas. This album was one of them. This was their second mini album, and “Love Like This” was the second K-Pop song I learned to sing in Korean. I have ALL of SS501’s Korean CDs.


#7 SHINee‘s “Hello” (iTunes)


I was actually going to put “Lucifer” here, because it was the first song I learned to sing in Korean. But then I saw “Hello,” and remembered that this is the SHINee song I go to every time I need a smile. I also know all the words to this one too.


#6 Super Junior‘s “No Other” (iTunes)


Also one of my favorite happy songs ever. Which I also know all the words to. This was my…first Super Junior song. I remember because I learned Siwon‘s name first. Ryewook and Heechul were next to steal my heart.


#7 T-MAXParadise” [Almost Paradise] (iTunes)


Either you love it or hate it, but chances are, if you’re a K-Pop fan, you’ve also watched a K-Drama or two, and usually, “Boys Over Flowers” is one of the first you’ll see. And “Paradise” by T-Max is the theme. You’ll hate it by the time your done, but you’ll love it eventually.

Well, that’s what happened with me, anyway. ALMOST PAAAAAARADIIIIIIIISE!!!!!!!!


#6 A.N.JellPromise


You’re Beautiful” was my second drama, and I love it to bits and pieces. I also have the pig rabbit (his name is Minam), necklace AND bow. UGH! I loved this drama so much! The ending was a tad disappointing, but it was still…you know what? Go watch it.

I actually watched the first two episodes and then just decided to buy the series. I regret nothing.


#5 “Dream High”‘s “Dream High” (iTunes)


From the drama that made me love “Genie,” the flash mob song is amazing. How can you not love *whisper: JYP dressed as a chef dancing in the street? Another drama that just gives me happy feelz, and a theme song that does the same.


#4 HSgRMay I Love You” (iTunes)


This is what made me love Heejun. This is how he kicked Kangta out of first place for my H.O.T bias. Heejun and Tony from H.O.T, Andy from g.o.d, Eun Ji Won from Sech Kies and Myunghoon from NRG came together to make a re-make of NRG’s classic hit, “할 수 있어 (I Can Do It).”


#3 2NE1‘s “I Am The Best” (iTunes)


I can’t remember if I told you guys this, but Janalee and I had a dance off to this song at KCON in the middle of the marketplace. when the bridge came I forgot the moves, so I just did the move in the beginning where they dropped down and came back up while rolling their arms and a bunch of people went “OHHHHHH” (it was a positive ‘oh’). It was amazing.

This was and is still my favorite 2NE1 song. Not my first song, but it’s the song that made me love them, and my bias, CL.


#2 H.O.T’s “Candy


I listened to this so much back in college (wow, do I feel old saying that. It was just this year too). This was constantly my ‘happy’ song. I’d listen to it first thing in the morning, in between classes and after school. It always put me in a good mood.

Everyone remember when “AM1997” was bringing everybody to this music video, along with 1TYM’s “Without You“? That got old so quick. But this song is a classic. I’ll never get tired of it.


#1 BoA‘s “No. 1


If you’ve been following me long enough, you knew this was coming. My ultimate female bias, everyone! Her “No. 1” album has a special place on my shelf and in my heart. Especially since I have all three versions of the song (Korean, English, Japanese), but the Korean, being my first version, will always be my favorite. I also have the song memorized in Korean…so yeah.


What K-Pop songs make you happiest? Comment below!

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