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Worldwide Wednesday: Y Si Fuera Ella? (K-Pop Comparison #2)

Alejandro Sanz is a Latin Grammy/Grammy award winning singer from Spain who’s been active since 1989. He’s released 10 albums, the last of which was “La Música No Se Toca (Music Shall Remain).” I’m a bit confused, it says it’s his 12th album, but there’s only 10 studio albums, but he has like 5 mini albums????

It’s his latest album. Anywho, this isn’t what we’re talking about today.

Today we’re talking about “Y Si Fuera Ella?” Which translates to “And If It Was Her?” It’s a sad break up song. Not saying that there’s nothing special about it. If there wasn’t, it wouldn’t be here.

This song was released in 1997 on his 4th studio album, “Más (More).”

In 2008, then rookies SHINee covered the song on their debut album, “The SHINee World.” It was a solo song for lead vocalist, and my bias, Kim Jonghyun.

Listen to both versions below:

Alejandro Sanz (iTunes)


Jonghyun (iTunes)

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