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Throwback Thursday: [Update] K’Pop

Guess who found some more videos~ and a fan site! If you read my TT on K’Pop foreEEEEEVVEEER ago, It was hard as hell to find stuff about them. But I found more music videos, some live performances on “Music Camp,” and a fan site dedicated to the group, that’s STILL up.

I’m so exited I want to jump around.

But I’m accident prone >_>

This is a music video for their debut single, “0.5” from 2001.


This is “Shadow,” a follow up single to “o.5” and both are from their debut album, “K’Pop.”


The next music video is “Mirage” from their second album, “CU @ K-Pop 2” released in 2002.


The next music video is for “Youth,” which was also on the second album.


Last but not least is a live performance of “Scent of Memory” from their final album, “Memories,” released in 2004. After that, half the band left for the military and the group disbanded shortly afterwards.


Here is a link to the fan site, which luckily, I was able to get some pics from. What dorks. Maybe I can find some variety show stuff? Maybe.


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