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Seotaiji Joins The Halloween Smorgasbord With ‘Christmalo.win’

Seotaiji is love. Seotaiji is lyfe. And so’s his new comeback, “Christmalo.win.” I was talking to my friend Leigh and she’s never heard Seotaiji or Seotaiji and Boys. I about had a damn heart attack.

There was Seotaiji spam involved and I have no shame.

/No Shame/

Anywho, this music video is creepy, somewhat hilarious, due to the keyboardist, and of course, Seotaiji rocks the damn mic like it’s his job (well, cuz it is).

This is from his upcoming 9th album, “Quiet Night,” which will also feature the song, “소격동.” It will be released on the 20th of October!

Watch the music video here:


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Source: Seotaiji Youtube

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