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‘Rilla Go’ Is A Great Comeback For The Boss

The Boss, now known as DGNA have released the music video for “Rilla Go,” and that went better than I thought it would. Though I am not a fan of dub-step and that first rap should not have been there, since it’s a first for them with this kind of music, I’ll let it slide…this…1tym.

Anyway, corny joked aside, it was a good song, despite my hatred of dub-step. I liked the costumes and the melody. I hope this group can get more attention, because wow, if you listen to the other song on this single, they’re vocally amazing.

While “Rilla Go” is an upbeat dance track, the second song, “Shine” is a 180. It’s a sweet love song, and they harmonize so well. The rap there isn’t so jarring, and I actually kind of like it, so check that song out as well.

Watch the music video here:


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Source: POOM Entertainment YouTube

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